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I graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Physics from Rice University in 2006, and worked brief stints (respectively) in a chemical research institute, an investment bank in Hong Kong, and a proprietary day-trading firm in Singapore.

Since 2009, I have been with the Singapore Economic Development Board (“EDB”) in various roles, ranging from the industry development of Singapore’s energy and chemicals sector, to attracting investments from Indian corporates. Before switching to interaction design, I was with the Strategic Planning division, where I was part of a new initiative (named “Create”) aimed at helping large companies to create new businesses.

The Create initiative experience exposed me to design and ageing: I organized the first ever “ageing unconference” by EDB, and appreciated and admired the “soul in the game” of many designers. Unfortunately, there remains a huge gap in understanding of the elderly’s needs, wants and aspirations. Coupled with the growing use of smartphones by the elderly (i.e. getting fake news forwarded by my parents via Whatsapp), I was piqued to explore how interaction design could reduce suffering and unhappiness of people, including the elderly.

This prompted me to apply to the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (“CIID”)’s Interaction Design Programme in 2019. You can see my profile, and also explore some of the projects I did during the phenomenal eye-opening year.

Spiritually, my main teacher is Ajahn Brahmavamso (“Brahm”) at Bodhinyana Monastery. The other teachers I follow would include Ajahn Brahmali, Ajahn Sujato and Ven Analayo (whose books I have been reading/collecting for a few years).

My main form of practice comprises of a daily sit with my wife, usually playing a guided meditation by my teacher. Annually (since 2010), I will attend at least one meditation retreat with him. On the weekends, I will usually listen to one sutta discourse by him.

In my spare time, I like to read, investigate and practice Early Buddhism, hang out with my wife, play with my cats, and work out. I also like to cook, though my wife dreads it when I do. 😉


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