I have been invited to give Dhamma talks for a few years now, and I just realized that my writings and videos are spread out across the internet like random pigeon droppings on a street. So here’s a single place to find them. Please DM me if I missed out anything. I hope these are helpful. 🙂

A Basic Guide to Buddhism (WIP) – 2023

An ongoing webpage introducing the core essentials of Buddhism. It is quite rough, and very much WIP. As of 15 Jan 2024, I’ve completed up to Right Speech.

Learnings from Rains Retreat 2023 - 2023

Blog post about my learnings from five weeks at Jhana Grove.

Two Dhamma Learnings as Ajahn Brahm’s Kappiya - 2023

Blog post about my learnings as my teacher’s attendant.

Four Days with Ajahn Ganha - 2023

Blog post about my experience at Ajahn Ganha’s monastery.

My learnings from the Rains Retreat in 2022 - 2022

Blog post about my learnings from spending three months at Jhana Grove, with my teacher Ajahn Brahm.

Right View - 2022

A talk about key aspects of Right View: the Four Truths, Cause & Effect, and Non-self. Includes the YouTube video, slides & presenter notes here.

How to apply Buddhist Principles at Work – 2022

This is a series of essays I wrote for the Singaporean Buddhist portal, Handful of Leaves (HOL). The common theme was about using Buddhist principles at the workplace, which I have used over the years and found useful:
How to choose the right workplace
How to make decisions at work
How to conduct yourself at work well, by body speech & mind
How to work well with others at work

An additional piece in HOL was about retrenchment, and how to deal with it well

My first meditation retreat with Ajahn Brahm - 2021

A Medium article about my first meditation retreat with my teacher, Ajahn Brahm. It also described how I let go of my alcohol-drinking habits.

Lay Practice, & How I came to be Buddhist – 2021

A talk about how I came to be a Buddhist practitioner, including my practice habits. Includes the YouTube video, slides & presenter notes.

Myths of Meditation – 2020

Short talk & guided meditation in the middle of Covid

How to Practice – One person’s perspective – 2018

YouTube video only. Talk on how I think one should practice.

The Gradual Training – 2018

YouTube video only. Talk about the Gradual Training

Right Motivation & Right Endeavour – 2017

YouTube video only. Talk focused on the Second & Sixth Factors of the Eightfold Path