I wrote about feeling out of sorts on 15th Jan. Since then, it has been a weird week:

  • I was quite sick on Monday, so I stayed at home.
  • Tuesday, I was sick but recovering. I stayed at home, working on my code, as I didn’t want to be inconsiderate.
  • Wednesday I was fine, so I went to school. I was well enough to work out in the afternoon. However, by Wednesday evening, I was feeling a bit unwell.
  • Thursday morning, the symptoms of the flu were fully present. Body aches, chills, sneezing, blocked nose and ears, sore throat (but not as severe as Covid), etc.

It’s now Sunday, and I’ve been home since Thursday. I’m getting better, slowly.

It’s been so long since I had a full blown flu, that I’ve forgotten just how tiring it is! Not counting Covid or Covid-like infections, I think the last time I had a real flu was maybe in 2019 or so. So maybe this is a good “workout” for my immune system.

The biggest challenge is the mental fatigue, because it leads to a loss of mindfulness: there are moments of snappishness in my mind, and it’s a lot easier for negativity to invade my mind and dwell in there. With the bodily discomfort, I just do what I can, and then let it be: it is normal for a body to fall sick and eventually die.

There are moments of surprise, like when I woke up this morning at 3am, fully awake, and unable to sleep. My nose was (relatively) unblocked, and I decided to sit in meditation: that went on for about 1hr 20 mins or so, and while not super deep, was quite pleasant! Really goes to show that this body and mind are really not me, not mine, and not a self.

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